Micro Breaks

Move More, Feel Good, Perform Better!

Micro Breaks are between 60seconds to 10minutes. Studies show by taking just one micro break, it can improve mental acuity by an average of 13%. We have two dedicated customer channels;

Micro Mindfulness Breaks;

Feeling tired or stressed at the desk? Not working as well? Take time for you! We have Micro Mindfulness Breaks for you to feel better in your mind and become more productive!

Micro Movement Breaks;

Feeling stiff from sitting at the desk? Sore wrists and fingers from typing? Take a Micro Movement Break and target the area you're feeling tight or sore and feel better in your body!


Your company can gain access to our Micro Breaks channels by signing up to The Movement Break. 


Carl: 083-1301990


Stuart: 086-2413914

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