Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

We are delighted that you are interested in getting your employees moving with us. Please email and we will be in contact with you to discuss a relevant package with your company.

What does The Movement Break need from you?

All we want from you:

- Deliver our Movement Break weekly email to all employees so they can get the full access

Will it be just my company taking part in the live Movement Breaks?

Yes 'The Movement' package is exclusive Movement Breaks for your employees.

What other services does The Movement Break offer?

We also offer:

On-site corporate wellness


Live Movement Breaks

These services will be in addition to your recurring package.

The Movement Break also provides pop-up events throughout the year.

How does the live schedule work? What if it doesn't suit our employees?

All Movement Breaks in our live schedule will be recorded and delivered to the contact within your company. The recording will be sent within one hour of finishing the live break.

You will have the ability to build your own live schedule for your company, which can be changed throughout the year once we are given one month's notice.

Can we change the offering or the type of movement break?

Yes! All movement breaks can be mixed and matched to suit your employees. We will always reccommend a schedule (constantly varied) for the first month. Should you need to change thereafter we can discuss what suits you and your employees best.

How long should we sign up to The Movement Break?

Movement is key to physical health, mental health and long term independence. Physical & mental wellbeing need to be nurtured everyday, and the body is built to move every day, so we encourage all clients to continue with us for as long as possible. Should you opt out, we hope we have created a habit for life within your employees to move every day!

Can individuals avail of The Movement Break?

Yes of course. You can join The Movement which will give you access to our customer channels for our Micro Breaks.

How do I pay for my company?

We can charge manually through our payment platform, Stripe.

How does the payment structure work?

Our packages for both individuals and corporate companies are a recurring monthly fee. In the case of a one off corporate wellness event, your company will be invoiced by The Movement Break.

Is there a contract?

We won't ask any company to sign a contract as it will be a recurring monthly fee. Your company can cancel before your next subscription is due. After three months with The Movement Break we will offer an incentive to join us for a longer period, which is completely optional.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Please email with any other questions or queries.