We're two brothers, Carl and Stuart Grehan, both born and raised in Dublin, Ireland.

If fitness is our passion, Movement Breaks are our mantra. Whenever we speak to each other, the first question we ask is, "did you move today?" if the answer is 'no', then we plan our next Movement Break, and that's how it all started. From having the same conversations about our passion for health and the observation that remote work is more viable for businesses we wanted to make a positive change out of the COVID19 pandemic so we created The Movement Break.

We noticed that due to the current circumstances people could not get to the gym and more people than ever were working from home, including ourselves. It's easy to forget to move, whether you’re working at the office or remotely. Studies show that exercise and small breaks can improve productivity levels. We want to help people move more by bringing  Movement Breaks to them. 

As two brothers, we are excited and passionate about improving physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace. TheMovementBreak can help employees move more, feel good, which will in turn improve their performance.

Did you move today?

Our Goals

With The Movement Break we want to improve the health of individuals in three key areas;

Musculoskeletal Disorders

A Musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) is any pain or issue relating to muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and the central nervous system. The musculoskeletal system plays a major role in an individual’s ability to function in simple daily tasks. These injuries and discomforts are often linked to workplace repetitive strain. 


We want to help tackle MSD's that are common in the workplace with our short and consistent Movement Breaks!

Mental Health

We want to improve the mental wellbeing of employees and give them the best chance to contribute meaningfully in their personal & professional lives as a result of our Movement Breaks.

With the positive endorphins released through exercise it can improve mood, give a sense of well-being and can be a natural anti-anxiety treatment. We want to help relieve tension and stress for employees at the workplace!

Long Term Health

We're looking at the bigger picture

and we want to improve the

long term independence of employees..

Mobility is essential to maintaining this independence, especially as you age.

The reduction in motor functions while ageing can severely affect the ability to carry out basic daily tasks. We want to help people move more, feel good and move for longer!


Carl: 083-1301990


Stuart: 086-2413914

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